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About Us

We are a team dedicated to provide the best service that we can give.  We are always looking to improve ourselves and give you the information that you need to serve your remodeling needs.

Our services start at the lowest cost to moderate cost.  We can provide you with innovative alternatives to sometimes costly remodeling repairs that may not be needed. 

We have worked with hotels, property managers, homeowners for the past 18 years and have built a reputation for giving great service, reasonable prices.

We have the a team of hard working, honest technicians who have pride in our company and workmanship, we strive for perfection.




We are a local company with 18 years of doing bathtub reglazing and bathtub acrylic liners.  In 1991 Perma-Glaze Hawaii started with a few friends with a goal to create a company which helped the people in hawaii with their bathtub refinishing needs.  One year latter Perma-Glaze started another franchise which specialized in bath and wall liners. 

Just last year in November 2008 we decided to use a liner which is the thickest in the industry and which uses hardened acrylic instead of rubberized which we were using.  We also decided to use a exclusive blend of polymer which is chemicaly resistant and has better adhesion than we had previously used.  These companies are franchises which were well known.  Although we have made a great reputation for ourselves in hawaii, we have made the hard decition to give our customers the best products that we can.  We therefore had no choice but to sacrifice the reputation of our name in order to provide to our customers the best of the products that we could provide.  Therefore we changed our name to All Island Bath Remodeling LLC. 


We would like to provide you with all the information which will lead you to the most value for your bathroom remodeling needs.